Hafla Salads offer a wide selection of Hummus and Mediterranean salads. From Classic Hummus to exciting different flavors such as Hummus Chipotle, Hot & Spicy and others to some of the more intricate traditional salads such as Matbucha, Babaganoush, and so many more. Each recipe was meticulously crafted to exceed even the most selective palates. Carefully handpicked top of the line ingredients bring the homemade taste conveniently right to your table. Hafla Salads provide an uncompromised taste for the whole family to enjoy.

Hummus 7oz

Tehina 7oz

Babaganoush 7oz

Spanish Eggplant 7oz

Morrocan Eggplant 7oz

Greek Eggplant 7oz

Vegetarian Liver 7oz

Mushroom Salad 7oz

French Mushroom 7oz

Mix Peppers 7oz

Morrocan Carrots 7oz

Olive Salad 7oz